DIRECTOR: Roland Hoogwater & Daniel PannemannYEAR: 2023CLIENT: Adidas x Union Berlin
One city. One dream: side by side, with each other, for each other! Under this motto, the Bundesliga soccer team 1. FC Union Berlin, adidas, and IRIEDAILY teamed up and developed a very special jersey and a culture wear collection to support sports and youth culture in Mellowpark Köpenick. More precisely, through the collaboration, a new skate plaza could be created for the Mellowpark. In addition to the video and photo campaign, we organized the entire event around the new Adidas x Union Berlin jersey for this project. From creation to realization, EASYdoesit had the opportunity to produce our ideas in cooperation with the team from PLACE Skateboard Magazine.
DIRECTORSRoland Hoogwater, Daniel Pannemann DOPDimitri Hempel, Peter Buikema EXECUTIVE PRODUCERMaxim Rosenbauer CREATIVE PRODUCERJan Scheel FIRST ADPeter Müschen ASSISTANT DIRECTORLea Isabell Uhle PRODUCTION ASSISTANTSGreta Wolf, Sofia Belcuore PHOTOGRAPHERSteffen Grap PHOTOGRAPH ASSISTANTMassimiliano Corteseli FIRST ACJulian Hanschke SECOND ACErwin Gepting DITBela Moritz GAFFERTimo Bevacqua BEST BOYManolo Eichhorst LIGHTING ASSITANTBela Moritz ART DEPARTMENTNina Janke HAIR & MAKE-UPJasmin Arnold, Julia Barde STYLINGFatos Veseli, Madeleine Sahl STYLING ASSISTANTGayeon Lee EDITORPeter Buikema GRADINGMai Lasan DRONEVitali Palianski via Dronebrothers TITLE DESIGNBastian Wienecke SOUNDDESING & MIXKraatz Studios MUSIKLuka Seifert CASTJohannes Schirrmeister, Lilli Werner, Maxime Balu, Leon Charo-Tité, Patrick Rogalski, Naika Reissner, Marie Becker, Lisa Heiseler, Andras Schäfer, Timo Baumgartl, Jordan Siebatcheu, Ronny Nikol, CATERING FCUnion – Stadioncatering RENTALCms, Camelot SPECIAL THANKSGuido & Jaqui FröhlicherWeinberg
Mellowpark Event Aftermovie