DIRECTOR: Julia PateyYEAR: 2017 CLIENT: Berlin Cuisine
By presenting food as a bold, beautiful work of art, this film wants to immerse the viewer in the unique flavours offered by Berlin Cuisine, giving them a taste for more. As we listen to the voice-over that tells the philosophy and story of Berlin Cuisine, we watch as a chef prepares food for a beautiful woman.
DIRECTORJulia Patey DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYDimitri Hempel PRODUCERPhilipp Halver PRODUCTION ASSISTANTStephanie Matis FIRST ACChristopher Hauk SECOND ACNiko Moritz DATA WRANGLERTimo Milbredt GAFFERDavid Schmitt ELECTRICIANConstanze Schmitt SET–DESIGNHauke Dreyer HAIR & MAKEUPJulia Barde MODELMichelle Frisch EDITORFarid Martin VFXElias Asisi SOUND DESIGNDennis Beckmann COLOR GRADINGArri Mitte MAKING OFTim Waber
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