DIRECTOR: Chehad AbdallahYEAR: 2016CLIENT: Red Bull
The documentary "Der Haftbefehl von Haftbefehl" accompanies the rapper as he returns for the first time to Istanbul, where it all began. At 19, he fled to Turkey, escaped jail - and changed his life. Through interviews with companions, family members, friends and business partners, the short documentary tells how Aykut Anhan, a young man from Offenbach, became one of the most important voices of his generation: Haftbefehl.
REGISSEURChehad Abdallah CREATIVE PRODUCERSebastian von Gumpert DOPClemens Krueger REDAKTEURSascha Ehlert EDITORKolja Frase SECOND CAMERAPhillip Himburg SOUND OPERATORFrank Weber LOCAL PRODUCER ISTANBULKorcan Sagdic LEAD CAMERA SIDO, M. MOENSTER & A. BAUMDimitri Hempel EDITOR ASSISTANTAdam Graf TITEL ANIMATIONENAndreas Hofstetter VFX CONSULTANTMario Gorniok TRANSCRIPTION INTERVIEWSBastian Kempf, Melanie Frisch, Katharina Holzmann, Johannes Rabolt COLOR GRADING ARRIBerlin Mitte SOUND DESIGNHesse Studios INTERVIEWPARTNER CAPO,Frank Huth, Samson Jones, Bazzazian, Sido, Erfan Bolourchi, Max Moenster, Antonia Baum, Soufian, Brate Azzlack, Palestine Ibo, Kubilay. SPECIAL THANKS TOUniversal Urban