DIRECTOR: Chehad AbdallahYEAR: 2015CLIENT: Urban / Universal Music
In his new track "Depressionen im Ghetto" Haftbefehl draws a gloomy portrait of his place of origin with increasing drug use, gun abuse, xenophobia. In the video, he shows himself sometimes with a halo, then as a shadowy, horned figure reminiscent of the Incarnate. The song was produced by Azzlack's in-house producer Bazzazian.
DIRECTORChehad Abdallah HEAD OF PRODUCTIONSebastian von Gumpert DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYDimitri Hempel EDITOR & VFX DESIGNAndreas Hofstetter PRODUCERLeo Hille FIRST ADChristopher Kane VFX CONSULTANTElias Asisi PRODUCTION ASSISTANTSarah Jansen GAFFERDavid Schmitt LIGHTSConstanze Schmitt, Malte Siepen HAIR & MAKE UPJuliane Polak FIRST ACChristopher Haug SECOND ACBastian Kempf BACK–UPFrank Weber PRODUCTION INTERNMelanie Frisch CREATIVE CONSULTANTValentin Hansen COLOR GRADING ARRIBerlin Mitte CATERINGSon Kitchen TALENTSBetül, Lucian, Silvain, Marin, Hakan & Milonair