DIRECTOR: Chehad AbdallahYEAR: 2016CLIENT: Heimat Berlin for Hornbach Baumarkt
It's one thing to shoot an online clip. It's quite another to get something off the ground that also has a hand and a foot in real life. It works without a camera. No special effects. No double bottom. Just good craftsmanship! We're not making clips here. This is a project. Together we are creating the beard community's wet dream to idolize and recreate – Das Hornbach-Herrenzimmer.
DIRECTORChehad Abdallah PRODUCTION COORDINATORGregor Möllers HEAD OF PRODUCTIONSebastian von Gumpert DOPPhillip Kaminiak SET DESIGNNeulant Van Exel FIRST ACJohannes Thieme SECOND ACBastian Kempf BACKUPFrank Weber GAFFERMirko Fricke ELECTRICIANTill Girke NVEMarian Neulant NVENicolai Kudielka ART DEPARTMENTEugenio Perazzo CUTTERKolja Frase MAKE-UPJulia Barde SOUNDCosmo Bornkessel ACTORHerold Vomeer STILL PHOTOGRAPHERFrank Groll CATERINGMax Vetters
Das Herrenzimmer. Episode 1 - Der Waldlaufsimulator
Das Herrenzimmer Ep. 2: Das Anti-Spa
Das Herrenzimmer Ep. 3: Die Angeloase
Das Herrenzimmer Ep. 4: Der Bierbach
Das Herrenzimmer Ep. 5: Der Hoversessel