DIRECTOR: Damien VignauxYEAR: 2019CLIENT: Hyundai
This film is not simply a commercial for a car that is about speed, design and desirability, but focuses on today's consumer. It is finally about a car that is not just a means of transportation, but a space to inhabit and an extension of one's personality. All topics are treated with a view to deep human connection and show how creative people can be when they follow their intuition.
DIRECTORMaison Vignaux FIRST ADKonstantin Nerger DOPJan David Gunther STEADYCAMYoshua Berkowitz ART DEPARTMENTNino Tugushi H&M / STYLINGAnne Timper EDITMarvin Kuhner COLORMarina Starke MUSICD.L.i.d. AGENCYCheil CLIENTHyundai