DIRECTOR: Mario ClementYEAR: 2017CLIENT: Sony Germany
"Naked" by James Arthur is about showing yourself exactly as you really are in front of someone and trusting them with everything. The music video is a romantic short story set in the 50s. James Arthur is playing the host and interviewer of a Live-TV show who finds himself in the awkward position of having to interview the woman he´s in love with while he´d rather talk about their future together. A situation that turns into a full-on drama on live television and on the screens of millions of people.
DIRECTORMario Clement HEAD OF PRODUCTIONGregor Möllers DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYPhillip Kaminiak LINE PRODUCERJavier Alejandro PRODUCTION ASSISTANTJordan Saul FIRST ADRory Shaw SECOND ADAnzahl Robanni FIRST ACMichael Hobdell SECOND ACJomar O'meally GRIPMichael Farrell TRAINEE GRIPLiam Hartney DIT TECHNICIANChris Belcher VIDEO & AUDIO PLAYBACKVon Adams SOUND RECORDISTJonny Horne BEHIND THE SCENESSam Friend GAFFERMichel Bewley SPARKChris Broomfield, Anti Janhunen RIGGERGeoff Petherick, As Per Geoff PRODUCTION DESIGNERRussell De Rozario ART DIRECTORLouise Vogel SET DECORATORLee Gordon ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOROskar De Rozario ART DEP TRANSPORTMing Edwards ARTIST - STYLISTVix Adams ARTIST - HAIR&MAKE UPNicola Schluer WARDROBE STYLIST (CAST)Frederica Lovell Prank WARDROBE ASSISTANTIwona Dybiak EDITORSKolja Frase, Aleko Gotscheff VFXMario Gorniok, Christen Bach, Damaris Becker HEAD & HAIR & MU ARTIST (CAST)Marianna Fabricante HAIR & MAKE UP ASSISTANTClaire Williams, Charlotte Hanlan, Rachel Sweeney RUNNERCameron Russell, Becky Thompson TALENTCressida Bonas, Deirdre Mullins, Alex Cowgill, Ross Callum, Diana Hoff, Roman Lam, Ralph Berkley, Clive Ward, Kevin Wallace, Ken Mcloone, Julie Vaapenstad-Holm CAMERA & GRIP EQUIPMENTPanavision RIGGINGMetro Rigging LIGHTING EQUIPMENTPanalux SOUND EQUIPMENTFresh Audio