DIRECTOR: Mario ClementYEAR: 2018CLIENT: Universal Music GmbH
With her new single "Thank You" Lena Meyer-Landrut is back. The song is part of the album "Only Love, L". Lena's sound starts catchy, then she shows the clenched fist that speaks from every line of "Thank You". Because despite the friendly title, a beat that gets the whole body moving, spacey vocal effects and a bung that carries the sun in its heart, "Thank You" is a declaration of war against people who put you down. People who break your heart or are simply "full of arrogance", as one verse says. Lena recommends: Get up, move on, carry the wounds with pride and draw new strength from them.
DIRECTORMario Clement DOPKonstantin Mazov B-CAMERA CINEMATOGRAPHYPaola Calvo PRODUCERChristopher Kane CHOREOGRAPHYKiani del Valle STYLINGLeena Zimmermann HAIR & MAKE-UPPhilip Verheyen PRODUCTION DESIGNEmma Borg CONCEPTMario Clement & Erdem Aglar EDITSander Houtkruijer COLOR GRADINGPhillip Orgassa // ARRIMedia PRODUCTION ASSISTANTMarie Zeller FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERAAshton Green FIRST ASSISTANT B-CAMERANicole Medvecka SECOND ASSISTANT CAMERALeon Hörtrich DATA WRANGLERJassin Aboura GAFFERRichard Nietsche ELECTRICIANThomas Standtke, Raban Friedrich, Luis Guillermo Cortes RUNNERMichelle Petersdorf, Ferdinand Stöckel CATERINGGerwin Catering