DIRECTOR: Mario ClementYEAR: 2016CLIENT: Maxim
"Welcome im Club" is an invitation to a raucous party of losers and the failed. Maxim's single is accompanied by atmospheric, partly gripping melody with driving drums, choirs and vinyl scratches. The video for the song is a short film shot on Super-16mm that follows a hapless gang of burglars during a coup. "It's all too late anyway.". So raise your cups! We celebrate the moment!
REGIEMario Clement DOPPhillip Kaminiak PRODUCER/ADChristopher Kane HEAD OF PRODUCTIONSebastian von Gumpert FIRST ACJulian Hanschke SECOND ACPaul Gredig OBERBELEUCHTERMirko Fricke BELEUCHTERFalk Buchröder, Christopher Reiners BELEUCHTER ASSISTENTAdam Graf BELEUCHTER ASSISTENTFelix Schuster MAKE UP ARTISTJulia Barde STYLINGMarianka Benesch ART DEP.Geraldine Arnold ART DEP. ASSISSTENTHolger Pohl CATERINGMax Vetters – 1055 Mobile Kitchen SCHNITTFarid Martin COLOR GRADING/KOPIERWERKArri Mitte ENTWICKLUNGAndec Film EINBRECHERINPaula Kroh EINBRECHERJakob D'Aprile EINBRECHERMoritz Vierboom SECURITYFarouk Khan