DIRECTOR: Thibaut GrevetYEAR: 2021CLIENT: Mercedes-Benz
The marriage of fashion and automotive has grown strong over the past few years, with car manufacturers tapping some of the biggest designers and brands right now, the latest partnership is none other than Heron Preston and Mercedes-Benz. Teaming up to celebrate 50 years since the airbag was created, and the 40th anniversary of the life-saving invention's use, Heron Preston has reimagined old airbags from crash tests into a handful of conceptual looks. With an emphasis on sustainability and using the technique of upcycling, the collection is innovative and reflects Preston's own distinct design cues and beliefs.
CREATIVE LEAD DESIGNERHeron Preston CREATIVE DIRECTIONIll Studio PHOTO AND VIDEO DIRECTORThibaut Grevet, represented by Anorak Film, AGENCYKarla Otto EXECUTIVE PRODUCERDimitri Hempel, Gregor Möllers SENIOR PRODUCERManuel Däbritz ADDITIONAL SENIOR PRODUCERKarina Kirschner PRODUCER / FIRST ADKonstantin Nerger PRODUCTION ASSISTANTPeter Müschen, Sonia Gücker, Dominik Reiland, Frederic Wandersleb DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY (VIDEO)Joao De Botelho BTS CAMERA DOPMelih Akyazilliar FIRST ACNico Müggenburg PHOTO ASSISTANTPete Hawk DIGITAL OPWill Jovice LIGHT ASSISTANT PHOTOGordian Knoblauch GAFFERWilli Rätzsch BEST BOYPhilipp Köhler GRIPLorenz Kopp SET DESIGNERTom Schneider SET DESIGN ASSISTANTFelix Riemann SEAMSTRESSIris Gassner, Celina Osswald, Heidemarie Roos-Erdle CAR PREPAnton Ungefug, Felix Weyers STYLISTLaetitia Gimenez STYLING ASSISTANTManvi Bhatnagar HAIR ARTISTDushan Petrovic HAIR ASSISTANTYetkin Sinelki MAKE UP ARTISTAdiam Habtezian MAKE UP ASSISTANTIsabel Simoneth HYGIENE OFFICERZeno Moser, Yvonne Arnold CATERINGVariari-Catering | Anky Garbas RUNNER / DRIVEROliver Fofana, Sven Mahnkopf, David Roth, David Sanfilippo, Jannik Bennett CORONA TESTERMarcel Barth EDITMartin Malnoë SOUNDPierre Rousseau STUDIOAkka Concept Studios: Daniele Di Miero, Sven Kurzweg, Günther Berber TALENTSDayanne Akadiri, Max Fieschi, Mao Xioxing
Behind The Scenes Video
Behind The Scenes Video