The Art of Authenticity | Shortfilm – Trailer

DIRECTOR: Carlo OppermannYEAR: 2021
Berlin is quite often pretty dirty. But what if there is one person who takes care of that every day? We tell the story of a one-man underground department that (by its own claim) makes Berlin the coolest big city in Germany. The Authority for Urban Authenticity.
DIRECTORCarlo Oppermann DOPJannik Nolte CASTRandolph Herbst EXECUTIVE PRODUCERGregor Möllers LEGAL & FINANCEDimitri Hempel PRODUCERSelina Kaiser PRODUCTION ASSISTANTAlina Pawlicz FIRST ACSimon Andjic SECOND ACArthur Pobuda DITOliver Fofana GAFFERPaul Nähter SOUNDJerome Huber HEAD OF ART DEPARTMENTAnne Lewald ART DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTKasimir Gritz ART DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTKayra Cekic STYLINGMarianka Benesch CASTINGDeebeephunky EDITNiklas Harmsen GRADINGNadir Mansouri MUSIC & SOUND POST PRODUCTIONPatrick Zahn TITLE DESIGNBastian Wienecke BFSA LOGO DESIGNAndre Fritz SPECIAL THANKS TOEugenio Perazzo, Lukas Klaschinski, Everest Camera & Lukas Hambach