25 Years Splash! Documentary for ARD & MDR


For its 25th anniversary we had the honour to document the famous hip hop music festival “Splash!” for a documentary by german TV broadcasters ARD and MDR. Shooting at the festival together with the Team of RED TOWER FILMS was a blast and we´re already looking forward to the TV release in 2024.

Thanks to everyone from the crew who supported us on the shoot. And thanks to all the artists involved: Haftbefehl, Peter Fox, Shirin David, Shindy, Badmómzjay, Trettmann, Lil Uzi Vert, Ufo361, RAPK, LIZ, Haiyti, Luvre47, Bounty & Cocoa, 102 Boyz, Paula Hartmann, Lugatti & 9ine, Domiziana, Bktherula, Kwam.E, Takt32, Kelvyn Colt and many more.




Photos by Michael Baumgärtner, Melih Akya, Dimitri Hempel, Cäsar Schemmrich & Elias Müller