Interview with Forward Magazine


2022 we were one of the key speakers at Forward Festival Berlin. Besides that we did an interview with Forward Magazine.

Here is a small excerpt from the article:

“Working with content since 2012 you guys always create something out of the ordinary staying true to your rebellious spirit. How do you keep yourselves inspired and motivated? 

The film industry is pretty hard and you have to fight passionately for many projects. But if you create content that excites the people and work in an extraordinary team it simply creates happiness. We have great directors that we represent, but we’re also open to meet new directors, DoP´s, photographers and clients. We constantly look for new challenges, for films in other areas, such as documentaries or series formats. By always trying to develop as a company and as individuals, it never gets boring, and the work is still as fun today as it was 15 years ago!”



You produce award-winning concepts for agencies, brands and artists like Mercedes, Huawei, Zalando, Tommy Cash and many more. Are there any tips for creatives who aim to keep going in this direction while working with the global giants?

The best is to do projects that you like and enjoy. In addition, it’s great to always be passionate, open to learning from others and networking with professionals from the scene, because in a creative team, you always create better things than alone. But it’s not just about good ideas, you have to be open for criticism from others, be open to compromise and on the other hand, you need to work hard, live for your job and be stress resistant. You should have clear principles and create films that somehow reflect your personal values. If you do what you love and that even in a great team, you can create extraordinary things.”


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