Korruption auf Erden wins main award at the 30. Rüsselsheim Film Festival


The film “Korruption auf Erden” directed by Omid Mirnour won the main award at the 30. Rüsselsheim Film Festival. Here is an overview of the current awards:

  • Main Award | 30th Rüsselsheim Film Festival
  • Best Social Fiction | Diversidarte Festival De Curtas
  • Audience Award | Spitziale Espelkamp
  • Audience Award | Schweinfurter Kurzfilmtage

After winning the second prize with “Art of Authenticity” in Rüsselsheim, last year, we were able to win the main prize in 2023 with “Corupption on Earth”. The anniversary edition of the 30th Rüsselsheim Film Festival was marked by a series of satirical works with particularly critical socio-political depth. At a banquet, for example, Ali Khamenei personally accepted the award for “The Best Regime in the World”. Or what would happen if everyone in the country suddenly had a murder free? And is it possible to cope with the threat of overpopulation on earth by consistently applying a pragmatic solution to halving humanity?


The winner of the festival “Korruption auf Erden” shows a ballroom with international guests, where the fictitious award ceremony is celebrated in the style of an Oscar award for the “Best Regime in the World”. A laudator praises the excellent political and social performance in Iran before the actor of the supreme political leader Ali Khamenei praises the barbaric treatment of human rights in an emotional acceptance speech. The underlaying filmic documents are mixed with authentic cell phone footage of current protests, thus uniting fiction and reality in the world of the morality police. The Berlin-based Omid Mirnour, as scriptwriter and director, received the winning prize of 5000 euros, the bronze sculpture symbolizing the “Sharp Look” and occasionally apostrophized as a small Oscar of satirical short film, from the hands of Michael Kirchberger, chairman of the Cinema Concetta Foundation.