New Green Production Standards for Commercials: Green is the new normal!


We are very happy, that we participated in the “AG Green” of the “Werbefilmproduzenten” since last year. Very recently, the newly set up”Green Production” section was launched on the website Werbefilmproduzenten with lots of info, green downloads and links. Here is an excerpt from the current release text:

“The conventional production of advertising film productions causes very high greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption. It contributes more to climate change than many in this industry realize. A relevant part of these CO2 emissions can be avoided by switching to a more environmentally friendly and resource-conserving production method. To start the transformative process, we have developed new tools in collaboration with the “R.O.S.A.” collective (Anke Petersen Atena Wetzel Dörte Schneider Garcia Chiara Noack Maren Heyn), which are now on our website:

– Green Bid Specs

– Catalog Ecological Standards in Commercials

– Point System Ecological Standards (for self-control)

– Green Production Checklists for all departments


Link to the standards and specs: Green Downloads

Let’s go!”