Shortfilm “Weil Ihr Nur Eure Hunde Liebt” wins 2 Awards


Our Shortfilm “Weil Ihr Nur Eure Hunde Liebt” directed by Chehad Abdallah won the award for Best Drama at the “Contest of Rome International Movie Awards” in July 2023 and the award for Best Short Film at the “Mannheim Arts and Film Festival”. The short film explores dreams and failures in modern cities and shows how small coincidences can lead to big dramas. We follows the story of Hadis, a protagonist whose runaway parrot finds shelter with the neighboring pensioner Rainer, which leads to a series of events that showcase the anonymity of urban life.

The “Rome International Movie Awards” is an international film festival and awards multiple films in diverse categories. The Mannheim Art and Film Festival takes place at the Atlantis Cinema which allows the audience to fully engage with the film, while giving filmmakers the opportunity to show their work to a wide audience.

In memory of Hartmut Becker. Rest in Peace.

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New Green Production Standards for Commercials: Green is the new normal!


We are very happy, that we participated in the "AG Green" of the "Werbefilmproduzenten" since last year. Very recently, the newly set up"Green Production" section was launched on the website Werbefilmproduzenten with lots of info, green downloads and links. Here is an excerpt from the current release text: "The conventional production of advertising film productions causes very high greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption. It contributes more to climate change than many in this industry realize. A relevant part of these CO2 emissions can be avoided by switching to a more environmentally friendly and resource-conserving production method.

25 Years Splash! Documentary for ARD & MDR


For its 25th anniversary we had the honour to document the famous music festival “Splash!” for a documentary by german TV broadcaster ARD and MDR. Shooting the festival itself was already a blast, but since the film will go even deeper we´re looking forward to shoot some other scenes for it this year. The project is expected to be released in 2024.

Korruption auf Erden wins main award at the 30. Rüsselsheim Film Festival


The film "Korruption auf Erden" directed by Omid Mirnour won the main award at the 30. Rüsselsheim Film Festival. Here is an overview of the current awards: - Best Social Fiction | Diversidarte Festival De Curtas - Audience Award | Spitziale Espelkamp - Audience Award | Schweinfurter Kurzfilmtage