Shortfilm “Weil Ihr Nur Eure Hunde Liebt” wins 2 Awards


Our Shortfilm “Weil Ihr Nur Eure Hunde Liebt” directed by Chehad Abdallah won the award for Best Drama at the “Contest of Rome International Movie Awards” in July 2023 and the award for Best Short Film at the “Mannheim Arts and Film Festival”. The short film explores dreams and failures in modern cities and shows how small coincidences can lead to big dramas. We follows the story of Hadis, a protagonist whose runaway parrot finds shelter with the neighboring pensioner Rainer, which leads to a series of events that showcase the anonymity of urban life.

The “Rome International Movie Awards” is an international film festival and awards multiple films in diverse categories. The Mannheim Art and Film Festival takes place at the Atlantis Cinema which allows the audience to fully engage with the film, while giving filmmakers the opportunity to show their work to a wide audience.

In memory of Hartmut Becker. Rest in Peace.

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Tatjana Wenig EASYdoesit News

New Director in the EASYdoesit Family: Welcome, Tatjana Wenig


Tatjana Wenig is an independent filmmaker with a unique style shaped by her background in pop culture and television. Originally from Munich, she gained experience in television production before beginning studies at the HFF Munich. Still a student, she entered the music video industry and seized the opportunity within the German rap trend to work on more than 100 music videos for various artists. She ventured into directing and worked with notable artists including Shirin David, Gims, David Guetta, Future, Luciano, Ufo361 and Robin Schulz. Unsatisfied with the status quo of the german rap scene, Tatjana founded the female creative collective FEMALE FORCE in 2021, which strives for more women behind the camera in all leading positions. With this mindset, Tatjana also works when directing commercials: her campaigns for McDonalds and Telekom were mainly female staffed.
Tom Streller Director EASYdoesit News

New Director in the EASYdoesit Family: Welcome, Tom Streller


Tom Streller came to filmmaking as a self-taught filmmaker. With a background in music production and skateboard videos, the Leipzig native developed his bold visual style in music videos. In the commercial film industry, he dynamically and emotionally charges technology and lifestyle films. Tom's unique approach combines knowledge of production, camera techniques and post-production. His flexible way of working is in line with current trends and allows him to develop exciting stories regardless of the scope of the project.
Chris Schwarz_Talent_Director_News

New Director in the EASYdoesit Family: Welcome, Chris Schwarz


Chris Schwarz is a German director for commercials, music videos and documentaries based in Berlin. He started as a filmmaker and photographer in the Berlin music scene and accompanied big German artists like Marteria, Casper, Die Toten Hosen and SEEED on tour. Chris has produced music videos, documentaries and livestreams for clients such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-AMG, eBay and LIDL. Today he focuses on commercials in the automotive sector. Born in 1997 into a family of musicians, Chris grew up in Strasbourg and Frankfurt. Skateboarding sparked his interest in filming in his youth.